KEF R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker – High Gloss Piano Black Pair

What you'll get from this driver combination is an accurate, spacious sound image that approaches the benchmark standards of our legendary REFERENCE Series. This uni-q driver array offers an especially articulated high-end response, thanks to a large neodymium magnet and a computer-optimized dome structure so stiff that it operates pistonically over its entire working range.

On top of all that, our 'tangerine' waveguide ensures a wide and even dispersion without interference between the high-frequency and mid-frequency drivers. The r500 floorstanding speaker uses our point-source Uni-Q driver array to fluently produce both high- and mid-frequencies, as well as two 5. 25 inch aluminum low-frequency drivers to give your listening experience that extra rumble.

This setup ensures a clean, deep and uncompressed bass output with superb dynamics. With its slim stature, and an air of modern sleekness, impeccable sound, the KEF R500 is perfectly suited for any interior space. The r500 features a 5 inch uni-q driver array, which consists of both mid-and-high-frequency drivers.

The r500 features a 5 inch uni-Q driver array with a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter at its acoustic center. The purpose of the array is to have both frequencies coming from the same place, allowing them to integrate perfectly and create a convincingly natural sound. The r500 floorstanding speaker also features two 5.

KEF R200c Center Channel Loudspeaker - High Gloss Piano Black Single

At the center of the mid-range cone is the same vented tweeter that gives our flagship Blade speaker its startlingly pure HF response, and our tangerine wave-guide helps disperse HF evenly across a wider angle to fill the room with an intricate and refreshingly natural sound field. The two drivers act as one source, much like the human voice, to give you the best listening experience possible.

Kef’s z-flex surround on the lf drivers visually smooth the transition to the front panel, while the sturdy die-cast aluminum chassis prevents resonance transfer to the cabinet. The kef r200c center channel loudspeaker features amazingly fast and clean mid-range response and startlingly pure high frequencies, all operating as a single integrated voice thanks to our state-of-the-art Uni Q driver array.

Unlike conventional speakers, the mid-range cones are rigid magnesium/aluminum constructions that reduce breakup problems, and our mid-range Z-flex surround smoothes the tweeter transition to ensure you're hearing every single detail produced by the R200c. The r200c features two 5. 5 inch bass drivers, which deliver dynamic, uncompressed, and undistorted bass with a powerful clarity.

The geometry and bracing of the r200c's driver enclosure optimizes vibrational behavior, reducing secondary radiation from cabinet walls for a cleaner sound. The r200c will easily handle the most dramatic and thunderous sound tracks or music scores with incredible detail, surgical precision and effortless timing.

The features allow the R200c to deliver clean, punchy bass without colorization.

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KEF R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair)